I Know The Perfect Place

Artwork by Tirol

"Come my dear." he calls the blue gryphoness, his pet, his mate. "I know the perfect place." he adds as he makes his way through a winding series of tunnels. As they go deeper in the walls are increasingly lined with crystal outgrowths opening up into a large chamber made of the same bluish crystal giving off a faint light with other crystal outgrowths both blue and purplish-pink.

He rumbles deeply as his eyes trail over her. "The lighting suits you perfectly." He faintly whispers brushing his muzzle tip over the fluff of her ear. "We can be alone here for as long as you wish." He murmurs, nuzzling her and looking at the reflection of themselves in the mirror finish of the smooth crystal floor. His eyes slowly sweep across her underside in the reflection, so lovely. His rumbles deepen and soon he catches a glimpse of his own arousal.

Raising his fore-paw he strokes the feathers along her head again whispering to her. "You have quite the effect on me, my queen. Seeing you here like this fills me with desire." he says shyly, bringing his gaze to meet hers.

She smiles, taking a step forward and turning to face him and look over her golden mate and master. So big and protective. She never expected to fall for a dragon. "You are so handsome my king." she chirps in reply her gaze falling over him seeing exactly his meaning. Her eyes lower to the floor and her own reflection, he must have noticed her growing excitement. "You do the same to me." she says as she lays herself on her side on the chamber floor looking back at him.

With a deep murr he steps closer his gaze locked firmly upon her. Bringing himself to stand directly above her he leans in close for a kiss. His maw gently parts as she raises her head and part her beak. What feels to be electrical sparks of passion and need fire through them. A nearby crystal seems to react to the energy  shifts then shakes then hovering up between them. The small purplish-pink crystal in the shape of a jagged heart floats between them giving of a faint but brightening glow.

"I love you Artemis." He murmurs to her as she rolls to her back submitting herself to her king.

Tsargoth Runeclaw

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