Thanisis's Dream

Artwork by Embyr Runeclaw

Thanisis sat alone in his chamber huffing to himself. He was feeling particularly needy this night and he knew he wanted some company. He could hear the sounds echoing through the hallway of A'meo spending time with his sisters and he was more than a little jealous. 'Why do they get to have all the fun?' he thought to himself. He had of course gotten a good look at most of his sisters. He had even played with some of them in the most delightful of ways. But A'meo, he only ever caught a passing glance of. A'meo had two dicks and the urges that put into his mind. The thought of A'meo pinning him and licking along his neck sent shivers down his spine. Of him raising his tail for A'meo and taking him in his slit as well as his rump. He squirmed at his sexual frustration. Did A'meo even look at him in that way? 

A roar echoed through the hallways causing Thaisis to sigh and curl up in a ball. He knew his father, he knew from his sisters how noisy of a lover he was and his roar could only mean him knotting someone… and erupting in them. Thani closed his eyes tightly and felt the forming bulge. He could just imagine the twin throbbing cocks unloading thick ropes of seed, tinggly and sweet from what he was told into his partner. He squirmed again and a forepaw worked its way to his slit dipping a digit in rubbing the slick tip of his growing member. It felt so good. He sniffed at the air catching his own scent. A second digit dipped in deeper sliding against his shaft as the tip emerged from its protection. He rolled to his back and stretched out his eyes still closed imagining A’meo’s magnificent form standing above him looking down as he lay splayed out presenting himself and licking his own maw. He quickly shifted himself to mimic the pose he had imagined. “A’meo~” he murmured as his digits curled around his growing erection slowly stroking along himself. He panted envisioning Tsargoth lowering himself on top of him. “Hhhhngggh” he groaned. He could almost feel A’meo’s weight atop of him. He stroked himself faster… Ohhh how amazing it felt when A’meo rubbed his cock with his… The imagined pressure against his tailhole. He scrunched his snout frantically pumping his shaft. 

“FUCK A’MEO” he bellowed as ropes of jizum shot from his dragonhood across his chest. He panted heavily blinking his eyes open watching his dragonhood throb and pump his seed. He opened his mouth wide and inched out his tongue to try to catch some of his essence when he noticed a shimmer from the corner of his eye.  A thick bolt of cum landed on his tongue and he frantically gulped it down still pumping himself senses between panted breaths. He flopped himself against the ground head laying upside-down. He thought he saw the shimmer again and with an act of will he managed to turn well enough to look at the chamber entrance. He could just catch a glimpse of a golden tail rounding the corner. A’meo’s tail… Had he heard him? Had he seen?

Tsargoth Runeclaw

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