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So here we go again. Back on working on another website. Why this one instead of the other one? Well the old one got rather bloated and I tried to do to much with it. The character pages would take forever to load and the complexity was causing memory issues on the server. Secondly, the actual content wasn't getting updated. I don't really feel to comfortable in talking about things that are going on in my personal life when those things might cause harm.

So... Where do I go from here? I still have ideas... I do want to get back to writing and I do still have a lot of character development I do want to do. Artwork for all of them are on my ToyHouse account. But more personal topics will no longer be posted publicly.

On that note I do want to share some changes to the character Tsargoth.

Artwork by Embyr Runeclaw

Tsargoth has further grown much to his surprise. He knew he would change someday given a glimpse of his future by his friend Aetas but he never knew exactly when. His scale colour faintly changed along the underside of his neck, tail, and his chest. Still golden but somewhat brighter. His flesh grew a considerably darker such as his tongue. Did his tail get longer too? If his whole body grew of course it did as well... but it still seems longer than it was proportionately.

He has also adorned some additional jewelry on each of his horns. Ring symbolizing his bond to Artemis, Aylin, Embyr, and Faerya.

Wanting things a bit naughty I see. Well~

Tsargoth curiosity had the better of him. If his tail really did grow did that mean other parts did as well? Laying on is back and spreading his hind legs he stroked his slit and parted it gently with his digits. Slipping a digit in and feeling around he felt his soft flesh gradually hardening. He closed his eyes and imagined Embyr being the one exploring. It did not take long for his dragonhood to emerge.

Two though was somewhat a surprise. He knew it would happen someday. Aetas has shown him as much. Much like his tongue his twin shafts were much darker. And more importantly they were definitely larger. He was sure of it. This is something he'd need to share with Embyr right away.

Artwork by Embyr Runeclaw

Tsargoth Runeclaw

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