Gender: Female, Herm / Intersex, and Male || Species: Dragon, Dragon - Outer, Dragon - Western, and Dragon - Time


Aetas is a purple scaled dragoness, lighter purple chest plating and similarly colored wing membranes and dual horns and two ear fins, She lacks any back frills having short back spines starting from the top of her neck ending just before her tail. She has an ageless appearance making it difficult to determine her age. She can alter her size at will but typically appears as an adult western style dragon with emerald green eyes, no scars or otherwise identifiable marks.


Anal (Receiving), Cunnilingus (Giving), Cunnilingus (Receiving), Fellatio (Giving), Fellatio (Receiving), Fingering, Interested in - Females, Interested in - Males, Size Play, Species of Interest - Dragons, Tailsex, Tentacles, Vaginal (Giving), Vaginal (Receiving), and Virginity



Her anatomy appears to be ordinary of a western dragon. Her vaginal vent leads to her womb where she would incubate her egg for several months before laying. She seems to be a virgin, yet with her mastery of time she could likely revert her body to a previous state in sense returning her virginity.

While she is able to alter her gender she generally prefers to be female