Gender: Female || Species: Avian, Avian - Gryphon, and Construct


Kiffy’s biology is more than a little unusual. It would take an equally unusual partner for her to have offspring. Any children would be very magical in nature likely having unusual natural powers ranging from teleportation, telekinetic, elemental control, invisibility, or really anything. Should they inherit their mother’s nature they would be drawn to bonding with some other individual as they grow whom they would then serve from then on as a familiar of sorts with a permanent telepathic bond.

As Kiffy would gladly point out to anyone that would listen she used to be a tree but got better. In actuality Kiffy is a construct given a the form of a gryphon. As she is not a normal gryphon she is not biologically compatible with a true gryphon.

Exceptionally flighty and apparently extremely ditsy. This isn’t actually the case. Kiffy just exists in an altered state of awareness. From Kiffy’s perceptions time passes at an exceptionally slow rate for every ten seconds that pass, it would appear to her that a minute has. Her mind operates in a similar capacity only faster. When the everything in the world appears so painfully slow she quickly become bored with what is happening.


Clit play, Cunnilingus (Giving), Cunnilingus (Receiving), Excessive Semen (Mess), Interested in - Females, Interested in - Males, Macro, Size Play, Soft Vore, Species of Interest - Avians, Species of Interest - Dragons, Species of Interest - Pokemon, and Vaginal (Receiving)