Gender: Female || Species: Dragon and Dragon - Nightwing


Nacht is somewhat smaller than other dragons her age, having focused on her studies and pursuits of the mind rather than any physical activities. She bears the mark of a seer, the teardrop like silver scales near the corners of her sky blue eyes, having hatched on a night of twin full moons. Like most Nightwings her black wing membranes and sails are littered with tiny silver flecks resembling stars in a night sky. Her horns, spines, and ridges just above her eyes are an ivory white while her scales are as dark as midnight.

Somewhat an embarrassment to her, due to some distant SeaWing ancestry, her eyes, flesh, and silvery marking can be seen to glow when she is excited or overly emotional. She tries to hide this fact and will deny she is anything other than a pure Nightwing.


Anal (Giving), Anal (Receiving), Being Breed, Being Knotted, Breeding, Cervical Penetration, Clit play, Cunnilingus (Giving), Cunnilingus (Receiving), Double Penetration, Excessive Semen (Mess), Fellatio (Giving), Fingering, Heat, Impregnation, Incest, Interested in - Females, Interested in - Herms / Intersex, Interested in - Males, Interested in - Other (Gender), Multiple Partners, Oviposition (Egg laying), Pet Play - Being a Master, Size Play, Slit play, Species of Interest - Avians, Species of Interest - Dragons, Tailsex, Tentacles, Vaginal (Giving), Vaginal (Receiving), and Virginity



Nacht is submissive to males and dominant to other females.

In the case of vaginal sex with other females or anal sex she will often make use of a strap-on or a double ended dildo.