Selena Runeclaw

Gender: Female || Species: Avian, Feline, and Avian - Gryphon


Selena’s physical appearance is that of a gryphon with bluish fur and feathers, aquamarine eyes, and golden yellowish avian features on her beak and forelimbs. Her underside and the fluff of her ears are a lighter hew. Her cat portions resemble that of a lynx with the exception of her tail which is considerably longer and puffier.

From the outside Selena’s sex appears relatively ordinary. As it is on the feline side of her body her genitals appear more mammalian.

Internally her reproductive system is considerably more exotic. Her sex can stretch to hold a much larger partner with ridged entry way becoming silky smooth as one presses in deeper. Upon climax her inner muscles will contract caressing and milking her partner drawing any essence deeper into her.


Anal (Receiving), Being Breed, Birthing, Breeding, Cervical Penetration, Clit play, Cum Marking, Cunnilingus (Receiving), Double Penetration, Excessive Semen (Mess), Fellatio (Giving), Fingering, Interested in - Males, Pet Play - Being a Pet (Collared), Size Play, Species of Interest - Avians, Species of Interest - Dragons, Tailsex, and Vaginal (Receiving)



ByGiven her nature Selena is relatively infertile save for when she actually desires breeding. At that time her eggs could be quickened but this is by no means a certainty. To a compatible mate Selena would produce a clutch of two to four eggs with their nature heavily depending on the father. They might appear as a hybrid, a gryphon, or the same species as the father within the same clutch.