Seliniea, The Brilliant

Gender: Female, Herm / Intersex, and Male || Species: Dragon, Dragon - Western, Dragon - Outer, and Dragon - Solar


A relatively small and short dragon just a touch over six and a half feet tall. Its left hind leg is clearly injured and it moves with a limp. Its scales are the colour of flame alternating between shades of red, orange and yellow even giving off light as if it truly where made of flames. Its eyes are golden with the iris slit appearing to be a flame. In situations where battle is likely the dragon is covered in a thick violet glowing crystal armour covering its chest, back, and its fore and hind limbs. Its gender isn't immediately clear.


Being Breed, Being Knotted, Bondage (Hard), Bondage (Light), Breeding, Cervical Penetration, Chastity, Clit play, Cunnilingus (Receiving), Double Penetration, Egg Laying, Fellatio (Giving), Fellatio (Receiving), Incest, Interested in - Females, Interested in - Males, Multiple Partners, Pet Play - Being a Master, Size Play, Species of Interest - Avians, Species of Interest - Dragons, Tailsex, Vaginal (Giving), Vaginal (Receiving), and Virginity



She generally prefers to be female.