Thanisis Runeclaw

Gender: Male || Species: Dragon and Dragon - Western


Adolescent silver dragon with some gold markings along his legs and black plating along his chest. His tail is exceptionally long, one and a half times his body length. He has short white hair along his head traveling half way down his neck. Green cat like eyes with two black horns just above his ears. The belief that ones tail is directly proportional to ones endowment is very true in Thanisis’s case. His dragonhood is long and thick at the base tapering off near the tip. Thanisis is a very virile young dragon.

Thanisis is rather imaginative and tends to keep his thoughts private. He is somewhat lazy and fond of food, candy in particular, and other physical pleasures. He prefers the company of males over females but would not refuse the opportunity of female company if offered and no other opportunity for male company exist. The exception is when it comes to his sisters, which he has constant vivid fantasies about. Should there be an option of spending time with his sisters he'd do so above almost anything else.


Anal (Receiving), Being Knotted, Fellatio (Giving), Fellatio (Receiving), Incest, Interested in - Females, Interested in - Herms / Intersex, Interested in - Males, Interested in - Other (Gender), Multiple Partners, Size Play, Slit play, Species of Interest - Avians, Species of Interest - Canine, Species of Interest - Cervine, Species of Interest - Cetacean, Species of Interest - Dragons, Species of Interest - Feline, Species of Interest - Mammalian, Species of Interest - Other, Species of Interest - Pokemon, Species of Interest - Ponies, and Species of Interest - Vulpines



Thanisis is submissive to other males.