Tsargoth Runeclaw

Gender: Male || Species: Dragon, Dragon - Western, Dragon - Solar, and Dragon - Lunar


Tsargoth is an ancient male quadrupedal dragon, western style, with the appearance that he was sculpted from solid gold. The scales along his chest, belly, and underside of his jaw are a lighter shade of gold than the rest of his body. His eyes are cerulean blue and can be almost said to glow with an inner fire when eye contact is made or in a darker environment. His fins extend from the top of his head down his back to roughly halfway down his tail. He has two white horns that extend just behind his eye ridges. The horns are slightly curved reaching out just past his fins. Beneath his scales, including his mouth, tongue, and intimate areas, his flesh is pink and soft darkening to a near to black. The darker areas are closest to his body.

The dragon’s genitals are hidden beneath his scales in a protective slit. When aroused his dual vertically aligned knotted shafts emerge from the pouch beneath the slit curving slightly towards his body. With some effort and minor discomfort through his shape-shifting ability he can realign his shafts to align horizontally however this is not the norm and typically only done when engaging in intimate activities with multiple partners. He produces a generous amount of natural lubrication, with the taste having just a hint of maple flavour, that serves multiple purposes. First the slick clear liquid reduces friction easing entry, moisturizing the soft flesh, and enhancing comfort. Second it lessens the sensation of pain without blocking feeling completely aiding with particularly tight partners, claiming his partner's virginity, or cervical penetration. Lastly upon contact with flesh it tingles bringing alternating sensations of slight heat and a slight chill enhancing the pleasure. This sensation may for some become somewhat addictive, a fact that pleases Tsargoth immensely.

When brought to climax his dragonhood would eject his seed in sticky white strands that slightly glow in moonlight. This blissful climax would typically last several minutes in which both his members would ejaculate. The dragon much prefers to climax within or on his partner. His seed is much like his natural lubrication in flavour and ability only considerably more potent. Additionally, he is an exceptionally virile male able to impregnate females of other species including those of vastly different biology. Typically, after as little as fifteen to thirty minutes he would be capable of climaxing again however any additional climax would not last nearly as long.

Children resulting from a union with him would not suffer from sterility that is common in mixed species children. Something in the dragon’s own biology, perhaps magical in nature, makes him genetically compatible with a large variety of other species. This also seems to shield himself and his offspring from suffering from the genetic complications that result with inbreeding in some species.


Anal (Giving), Breeding, Cervical Penetration, Clit play, Cum Marking, Cunnilingus (Giving), Double Penetration, Excessive Semen (Mess), Fellatio (Receiving), Fingering, Incest, Interested in - Females, Interested in - Herms / Intersex, Interested in - Other (Gender), Knotting / Tying, Multiple Partners, Pet Play - Being a Master, Size Play, Slit play, Species of Interest - Avians, Species of Interest - Canine, Species of Interest - Dragons, Species of Interest - Feline, Species of Interest - Mammalian, Species of Interest - Other, Species of Interest - Pokemon, Species of Interest - Ponies, Species of Interest - Vulpines, Tailsex, Vaginal (Giving), and Virginity



Tsar isn't open for breeding / impregnation or knotting / tying outside of very specific circumstances. Some form of birth control would be used if he engages in vaginal sex outside these circumstances. If you are interested please contact us directly.