He leaned over her gazing lovingly into her eyes as she lay beneath him on the beach. The sounds of the waves crashing just next to them. On her back she gazed up to him lovingly spreading her hind legs wide presenting herself to him, ready for him to claim her. She is so lovely, …

Passionate Lovemaking Read More »

"I do admit to having a favourite colours and feeling an attraction to those with those colours. The why I cannot say with any certainty. Why does one prefer sweet over sour or certain spices over others? It is a personal taste buried in my subconscious. It is so because it is so. As to …

Embyr asks Tsargoth: What is your favorite colour? Why? Read More »

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And Now For Something New
So here we go again. Back on working on another website. Why this one instead of the other one? Well the old one got rather bloated and I tried to do to much with it. The character pages would take forever to load and the complexity was causing memory issues on the server. Secondly...